Doug Belding Fine Art

Original and Custom Artwork

Fine art for walls, wearables, websites, whatever

Art, in Relationship

As the world fills up with bots, stock, apps and prints, I feel a strong urge to create. Original art does so much more than fill space on a wall, add text to a t-shirt or colour a website. Fine art tells a story, it starts conversations, it makes a connection through expression, colour and texture. My art is messy, lively and free... like you... like All of us.

Art Adventures


I work closely with clients to get to know them, uncover what they like, interpret what will stir them and then bring it to life.

Custom Art


Inviting me onsite to capture your gathering through live painting is intriguing and offbeat entertainment.

Hosting An Event


Getting to know and understand your motivation really helps shape and influence my art and designs. 

Become Art

Opt for Original

Fine art’s value is in the adventure the artist lived to create it, and the adventure it starts for you, the collector.

You’re meant to experience art, to have a relationship with every piece you own. Please enjoy browsing the Full Catalogue of my Paintings, Collections and Art-on-Things, and the different ways I can help you bring art into your world.

Hey there.

I’m Doug Belding, an artist, designer, and fine art fashion illustrator in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve launched a number of creative start-ups so I could explore painting, figure drawing, customized creations, digital design, wearable originals, and a whole lot of different ways to work. Right now, I’m focused on getting original art into people’s hands so they can enjoy the adventure. And if you don’t get how art can be an adventure, check out how I got to be recognized nationally as one of Canada's top Live Painters.

Live Painting