Doug Belding Fine Art


Doug Belding, Artist for Story Tellers and Adventurers

Story telling is an important part of our culture, and as an artist I have a desire to tell stories. My clients are story tellers too; their original art is a great conversation starter.

I love making art that is messy and resonates with people through expression, colour and texture. Some of the happiest moments in life can come out of mess, and that shows up in my art. The people who buy, wear, and commission my art are adventurous, playful, worldly, and aren’t afraid of ‘messy’. They’re the kind of people who love hearing, and telling, great stories.

When I create custom art for clients, they get to see how fun, free, and valuable the process is. They become part of the artistic process as I interview them, get to understand what they’re after (even when they say they don’t know) and produce something that is uniquely intimate, and personal.

"It's me wearing me!!! Thank you for the awesome t-shirt Doug, I love it!!" - Jackie F.

Doug Belding with Jackie wearing Jackie

Creating art allows me to express myself without fear. I use palette knives to build up layers and textures of paint allows me to carve out my vision in a blunt and flexible manner. My creative outlet means almost everything to me. It is therapy, exploration and passion… you have to let those things outside of yourself.

Now, Art Battles and Live Painting add a further layer of adventure to my creativity. I find these bring a freedom and in-the-moment-ness to my work that can’t really be accessed in other ways.

Doug Beding Art Battle

"Doug is a talented artist, a consummate professional and great to work with." - Garth H.

Throughout my career as a Creative Director, I worked to be fearless, fun, smart, and committed to vision. I spent over 15 years creating stunning and compelling creative campaigns for Fortune 500 clients and small start ups. I led designers, art directors, copywriters, strategists, public relations managers, information architects, illustrators, animators, interface designers, front/back end application developers and CG artists. I always worked from a broad appreciation of graphic design, web design, typography, marketing strategy, art, information architecture, usability, technology, and experience design.

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