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Viola Desmond, The Avian Bird

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Aviculture is the practice of keeping birds in captivity using controlled conditions, normally within the confines of an aviary, for hobby, business, research & conservation purposes.

The inspiration for this piece came from the idea of a #cagedbird, though a caged bird kept in one of the large avian bird cages. I felt this was representative of some of the struggles I could only image she must have faced. Having such segregation and polarizing points of view on both sides of the “cage”. The #EnglishBudgie was the bird chosen for this piece not only for its beautiful colourings but to also tie in that the oppression Viola would have faced at that time would have been British in origin.

The colour scheme is inspired by Viola’s name having the violet backdrop for the bright blue Budgie. The #artwork is #acrylic & #ink on #canvas using #paletteknives #brushes and #quills. The aggressive marks of the palette knives represent the marks left by society against the softer brush strokes and colours representing the appearances used within society.

Original by Doug Belding 
Acrylic on canvas. 
12” x 16”  

This is an original acrylic painting (not a copy or print) and is signed & dated on the back by the artist. The sides are painted and stapled on the back so it’s ready to hang.  The painting will be carefully and professionally packed and shipped the next business day upon receipt of payment.